What makes your just culture tick in your organization?

We see some main influences in domains as depicted below.

External influences

These are first of all your national legislation. What is going on? Are the politicians that make the laws eager to get you to learn? Or are they willing to slap sentences on people just because the result of what they believed was good resulted in bad outcomes?

Second is the attitude and working procedures of your judiciary. In some countries, they have the freedom to select what to prosecute and what not. Yet in other countries, they could be obliged to start a prosecution against health care workers, train drivers, ship masters, pilot, air traffic controllers , fireman, police, ambulance drivers, whenever there is a deviation from the normally good outcomes.

Third is the public media. Impossible to control (normally), they can have a devastating influence on the general opinion of the public, and thus the politicians that make laws. The can act as a driver or catalyst for positive or detrimental laws and the attitude of the judiciary.

Internal influences

What your do in your corporate world, set from the top, is to show leadership, publish internal procedures and spread the word (promotion) to enable a positive safety culture where people are not afraid to give it their best.

On the other (mostly receiving) end, there is the opninion of your workforce and what they perceive how the staff in your organization is treated. If they are happy and trust they will be dealt with justly and fairly, there is room for learning and safety improvement. If they are suspicious or anxious about what might happen when an anomaly occurs, they will withold crucial information that blocks your road to safety improvement.